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I’ve Moved!



You Are Not A Tree

I’m kind of becoming a pro at moving.  I feel like I’ve done it an awful lot in the last few years.  It all started when I finished student teaching and wasn’t sure I wanted to actually be a teacher anymore.  As I tried to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life — and what I could realistically expect to do with my BA in History and M.Ed in Middle and Secondary Ed —  I was all over the place. Back to school? Wait for a job? Move for a job? I was that butterfly that needed to spread its wings.

Well, my boyfriend at the time wasn’t really into spreading wings (for him, that was already done and over with).  This sudden divergence in our life plans caused a bit of a problem in our relationship, and unsurprisingly (if, as I learned from Dexter, the secret to a successful relationship is shared dreams/plans) we broke up.  This was my first move.


my first apartment decorated for Christmas

cozy apartment decorated for Christmas

another view of my first apartment  –  ❤ you Irish!

cozy kitchen at my first apartment

Well, I lived in that lovely apartment for nearly a year, working first at McDowell’s preschool (not the dream job, I’ll admit) and then as a teacher at OLC.  I decided over the summer, however, that I still had that itch to spread my wings. I wanted to get out of Erie, to leave the 2 hour radius I had always operated within and live somewhere… cool.

I ended up in Charlotte. I moved here August 13, although I never actually fully moved in.  I’ve decided NOT to share any of those apartment pictures… mostly because I never took any. I still have lots of boxes and bins lying around, I never hung up decorations, and I’ll admit I’m a little behind on my dusting. It’s pretty pathetic, but motivation is kind of hard to come by when you spend the first 4 months of the school year miserably trying to catch up and the most recent two months making plans to leave.  My apartment here, though, is lovely – 2nd floor, huge bathroom, nice sized living/dining room, huge windows in my bedroom, balcony overlooking the pool, fitness center… and the best part, it’s in Charlotte, which is seriously an awesome city.  I am SO going to miss it — Amelie’s Bakery, The Crepe Cellar, NoDa, SweetCakes Bakery, Duckworth’s Grill, Baja Soul Taqueria, Cabo Fish Taco, Birkdale Village, etc.  I am really sad to leave this city and my wonderful friends here…

That said, I hate my job, and I don’t do things I don’t like.  So again, I make plans to move.  Because I am a person and I am able to do that.  Life is definitely too short to be unhappy.  And there is no point to being unhappy when you don’t have to be.

Always remember:

inspirational quote

my life’s motto

CSI Winter Craft Theme Challenge… and Other Stuff

won Top 10 in my first craft challenge!

I managed to get my Winter Framed Chalkboard entry into the CSI Project’s weekly challenge… and I made the Top 10!

I’ve also made the front page on a few other blogs on Friday!  Check out Blart Blog for a feature on Eva M Designs AND a giveaway! There are LOTS of easy ways to enter and the winner receives THIS beach glass pendant!

Finally, check out Creating Childhood Memories and enter to win THIS pair of beach glass earrings!


Also, if you’re looking for a simple, cute but inexpensive Valentine’s gift, check out these magnets:

Tutorial: Winter Framed Chalkboard



The CSI Project

I recently started following the CSI Project – “Create Something Inspiring.”  Last week, they featured one of my tutorials on their site to gear up for the “Favorite Project of 2012 Challenge.” This week, the challenge theme is “Winter Crafts and Decor” and I’ve been thinking all week what I could do for the project.  While I had a few ideas throughout the week (including a super cute “winter” sign I wanted to make), my issue was the budget.  I am getting ready to move (again), and if you’ve never done it before, moving is EXPENSIVE.  Especially if you are breaking your lease and taking a job that cuts your income by a fourth. (But having a job I enjoy will be worth it.)  Anyway, with the move scheduled for February 8, I’m really trying not to spend the little money I have.  Thus, I couldn’t justify buying craft supplies.

Yesterday, however, it hit me.  I have all the supplies I need to make the PERFECT project.

Shopping List

  • picture frame (Walmart $4.00)
  • blue and white paint
  • white glitter
  • glitter puffy paint and/or silver puffy paint
  • chalkboard paint (Lowes)
  • mod podge

Step One: Take the frame apart and paint it completely with blue paint (I mixed mine with white to create a softer wintery blue).










Step Two:  While the paint is still wet, sprinkle the white glitter onto your blue frame.

Step Three: I then used puffy paint to add glitter polka dots to my frame.  Also, using the puffy paint, I painted simple snowflakes onto wax paper, allowed it to dry overnight, and then peeled the snowflakes off to glue to my chalkboard. For now, paint the snowflakes and let them set.













Step Four: Now we’re to the kind-of-tricky part.  Chalkboard paint.

I’ve read online that the spray kind of chalkboard paint will adhere to glass. The last time I used spray paint, however, I ended up in bed the next day with a migraine (too many fumes, is my theory, even though I did it outside!), so I prefer to use the canned variety.  Yes, if you use a brush you can see the brush strokes. However, invest in a $3 foam roller, and you will be fine.

That said, the first coat of chalkboard paint went on as I expected — it definitely needed a few more coats.

IMG_1324Here is where I ran into trouble, and this very nearly turned into a Craft Fail kind of project!  When I went to put on my second coat, the paint began to separate from the glass, forming a lot of cracks and in general, a wet mess.  I then realized that my can of chalkboard paint says nothing about adhering to glass. Sooo…

However, being the determined little craftster I am, I wandered around my apartment for a minute, looking for alternative surfaces.  I wanted to enter this CSI Project Challenge, GD!

The paint can lists cardboard as one of the surfaces that this paint can be applied to, so lacking cardboard, I went with cardstock.  First, I applied a thin, even coat of mod podge to the glass surface.  It’s important to make sure the entire glass is coated, or you will see the paper begin to bubble up in sections.  I actually even had to flip the glass over and apply paper to the backside, as my first attempt ran into the bubble problem.  Anyway, after the paper was glued down and I had let it dry a few minutes, I repainted the surface with the chalkboard paint.

IMG_1344After three coats, it was good to go!  I then glued my puffy-paint snowflakes to the chalkboard and inserted the whole thing back into the frame.  I hot-glued the back cardboard piece to the sides of the frame (I had pried it off before I started), and my chalkboard is complete!  Easy, cute and very WINTERY!

Next time, I’d like to try using galvanized sheet metal (apparently you can buy this at Lowes in the plumbing section) to create a MAGNETIC chalkboard.  If you do that, again I’d recommend either using the spray paint chalkboard paint (not sure how this would do on metal) OR I have read that you can spray paint the metal with a metal primer and then paint the chalkboard paint on top.  But that project is for another day!

IMG_1350 IMG_1348 IMG_1351

I Really Love Boot Socks


I’ve never been particularly fashionable.  I mean, I’ve always dressed nicely and in style, but unlike my sister, I’ve never been up with the newest trends.  She, on the other hand, has been a little fashion queen.

fashion princess

on left – way cooler than me


on right – she apparently likes jackets

And then there’s me:

High School:

such a geek – high school fun – 10th grade

senior year – still a geek


Baja California Sur, Mexico

summer after freshman year — Baja California Sur, Mexico!

19th birthday

one tequila, two tequila, too many tequila

sophomore year

Being A Grown Up:

starting to look cute as an almost-grown-up

Now I’m A Professional:

look at me, I'm a teacher

first day of school – fall 2012

Ok, so now that you’ve taken a trip down memory lane and seen the evolution of my pretty boring style (but how gosh darn cute I still am wearing it) – you can understand what I’m working with.  I really wouldn’t call myself trendy.

That said, I have recently taken up with a new trend (well, new for me).



Boot Socks.

My mother roped me into buying some boots after Thanksgiving this year, and I have to say I am really diggin’ the style! Leggings plus boots is a SUPER CUTE look! Add in BOOT SOCKS, and I’m just a trendy little hipster or something. (I’ve never really understood what exactly a hipster is, so there is a good chance I misused that word. I apologize to all you hipsters out there if I have offended you. I apologize to the rest of the world for allying myself with the hipsters.)

Anyway, after my boot investment, I discovered boot socks on Etsy.  I purchased a pair from PeekABootSocks just after Christmas.  I. Love. Them. They are super cute, and I can’t wait to have money to buy some more.  [Speaking of, please visit EvaMDesigns and buy some jewelry so I can buy more boot socks.]  Until then, however, I will sport these awesome accessories:

lovely boot socks

lovely boot socks —  PS it’s hard to take a picture of your shoes from the side when you are wearing them

work it

work it

don't mind the mess in the background

don’t mind the mess in the background – I’m moving soon (at least, that’s my excuse)

Buy some. You know you want to.

For Your Tuesday Entertainment

Although Tuesdays are generally better than Mondays, I still have a good chunk of the week ahead of me, which is always kind of depressing. However, I know just how to brighten my day — and yours — today.

Check out these hilarious quotes AnroldDesigns has featured on various paper products — notebooks, journals, cards, even towels (ok, that’s not paper…) They are SO random but SO entertaining.




Karma’s a B*tch


Happy Tuesday!

Lifetime To-Do’s aka Bucket List

I’ve never really taken the time to write a real Bucket List.  In fact, I even hate that term – “Bucket List.”  As a 24 year old, I find it depressing to think about dying and calling my list by that name seems like asking for bad luck.  That said, I have occasionally jotted down in my journal things I want to remember to do at some point in my life.  Lately, I have been thinking about those lists a lot, trying to remember what it was I put on them.  The lists are in journals at my parent’s house in Erie, PA, so unfortunately I cannot search for them at present (being 10 hours away in Charlotte, NC).  However, I am pretty sure of a couple of things I definitely included on my list:

– Visit Europe. See towns and buildings that were built centuries ago.
– Plant pear, apple and peach trees; raspberry and blueberry bushes; concord grape vines; and strawberry plants in my yard.
– Write and publish a novel.
– See killer whales in the wild.
– Fix up an old farmhouse.

There was one thing that has always been on that list — I remember thinking of it during my sophomore year of college, and I always included it as I rewrote the list in each new journal.

– Start a dog shelter.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, it should not come as a surprise to you that I have a slight obsession with dogs — rescuing them, particularly.  That fixation started in college, and I dreamed someday that I could open up my own animal shelter to help dogs find homes.  I figured that would be the only way I would ever have the opportunity to run one.  I mean, I didn’t have any sort of veterinary degree, so how else would I get hired at a shelter?  My only resort, I figured, was to someday create my own non-profit shelter on the large piece of land my husband and I owned (the one that had all the fruit trees and berry bushes; also, the one with the farmhouse we fixed up).

Well, it turns out I will be able to cross that particular dream off my Lifetime To Do List a lot earlier than I expected.   In less than a month, I will be leaving the lovely city of Charlotte (sad face) and my career in teaching (happy face) to take a position managing the SPCA of Cattaraugus County’s animal shelter in Olean, NY. Granted, I am not exactly starting my own animal shelter — however, this situation is even better.  The shelter already has some sources of funding, I will have a salary I can count on, and there are already dogs ready to find new homes. Now, I get to do all the things I wanted to at my own shelter — find new sources of funding, write grants, start new programs (like foster programs, dog training, educational and outreach, etc.), increase adoptions and awareness, and generally improve the lives of all the dogs (and, I suppose, cats) already there!

I have to admit, it feels pretty good to reach a Lifetime To Do by the age of 24.

one of the new residents at the SPCA shelter — don’t worry pup, I’m on my way!

Molly Takes On The Pool

For a good while now I’ve been unhappy with my job, teaching 8th grade Language Arts and Social Studies at a low-income school in Charlotte. I’ve realized teaching is NOT the career for me and am actually getting ready to move into an entirely different field — but that’s for another post. For the next 25 days, I am still stuck here and that means I have to deal with the dreaded Monday Morning. If you’re in the same boat, maybe this video will brighten up your day. After all, who doesn’t love cute puppy antics?

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